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How it works

The user puts on a VR-helmet with a CleverPoint device

During a diagnostic or training scenario CleverPoint analyzes the electrical activity of the brain, heart, and autonomic nervous system.

The analytical system forms a psychophysiological portrait, determines risk and development zones

An individual training plan is selected to improve cognitive abilities, mental health and stress management

What tasks does CleverPoint EVA solve?

Value for the company

Manage Stress and Prevent Burnout

CleverPoint EVA teaches you how to use your physiological resources rationally and properly manage your workload, which in the long run helps prevent burnout and reduce unexpected replacement costs

Increased Employee Productivity

The ability to manage stress and relaxation, manage the brain and heart are artifacts that employees bring from VR to their real lives.

Optimization of Business Processes and Communications for the Individual Working Style of Employees

Understanding the physiological state and its relationship with the intensity of mental work allows you to adapt not only a person to a company, but also a company to a person.

Harmonization of Relationships in the Team

After using CleverPoint EVA, employees begin to understand that there are people in their team with different psycho-physiological profiles, and they react differently to the workload. People learn to accept other team members for who they are. Not only similarities are valued, but differences as well.

Value for the employee

Understanding the Cause-and-effect Relationships Between Physiology and Performance

The use of CleverPoint gives employees a powerful motive to understand their performance and its physiological support.

Real Status Tracking

Psychophysiological assessment with CleverPoint EVA does not cause the “white coat” effect that can be observed during examination by a medical officer and equipment. A person receives true, undistorted data about his body.

Improvement of Physical and Mental Well-being. Personalized Well-being and Self-development.

Regular personalized training sessions with CleverPoint EVA increase cognitive abilities and develop skills to deal with stress and overload.

CleverPoint EVA generates powerful business effects

Reduce employee turnover through burnout prevention

Assessment and formation of a personnel reserve through understanding the strengths of each employee

Increasing employee loyalty through the use of innovative technologies to “pump” their cognitive and physiological abilities

Reducing absenteeism by increasing efficiency and stress resistance

The use of CleverPoint EVA opens up new possibilities in testing and training


High level of independent action and interactivity.

No white coat effect. The user is calm and his parameters do not change due to external irrelevant reasons.


A specially designed test system for VR provides identical, fully controlled testing conditions for all participants, isolated from the outside world


The natural behavior of the user is not violated, which allows the personal qualities and skills of the employee to manifest


No specialists are needed for testing and training. The process of testing and analysis of indicators occurs automatically.

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